Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fair Play And Earning Income Online

Through many attempts at multi-level marketing I experienced a whole lot of getting ready to make money that did not make money. Exciting? Well, yes. But with experience it dawned on me someone was making gobs of money off me getting ready. I never left the pier. Of course it could be said, that was my fault. Or maybe, I was in the wrong business. I should have been in the getting ready to make money, business. Selling the sizzle from one steak to a room full of hungry people. Is that technique at work on the internet? Of course! But at least here I can play for free.

I am learning every day. About SEO. And keywords and key phrases. I'm taking notes. I found out today that the thing that crawls my web pages is a spider. And it is getting more difficult to game the ad revenue system. My guess, a novice guess, is there is a battle of mathematicians going on. The big boys have made the calculations so elaborate that predictability is almost impossible.

Now, that is a metaphor for life. It isn't simple complaining to say that just as you had things figured out, everything changed. Changing odds and predictability keep the game of life fair. I remember a cartoon, first showing a huge computer, floor to ceiling with blinking lights and numerous screens; furiously working . . . the next panel was behind the device where a man stood with a clipboard and flipping a coin. He was feeding results in from there.

This is not cynicism. I hate cynicism. What I hope to point out is that this may be the fairest game on the planet. Especially if good people will play.

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