Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Blog And The Complexity

Somewhere, and lately, while I traveled life's road I had a startling moment. I realized that complexity, the details, are what I have really been up against. The more I know about something the less intimidating it is. A large part of individual success is the gaining of understanding and mastering the details. In this case, the blog. I cannot leave it a mystery and expect success with it. Even if revenue is not involved.

But to the unscrupulous that same complexity can be used as a hustle. Remember that Bernard L. Madoff was called a genius and he is merely a crook, a swindler, a confidence man. His claim was to have handily mastered a complexity. Yet even the financially astute failed to survey the evidence of the fundamental shortcomings of the man's program. What they did know they denied.

So it follows that if I want to have my own blog, I will have to face its complexity properly. That complexity can be overcome if I work at understanding as much as I can, not expect a "free lunch," and bring what I do know to the table. I have heard that called due diligence, or, cowboy logic.

I already have some help. A blog community from BlogEvolve mentored me with fundamentals. Saving me time, errors and money. Spend some time making friends. Mine showed up immediately, which I am grateful for. It is the best insurance against mistakes you can have.

There is also another complexity, that baffled me and I am just beginning to realize what it is. Because I am just initiated, let me use the term "entity." Which could be Google or the websites that provide me a clean canvas to paint my blog on. In naiveness I gave each of them personalities, even occasionally considered them antagonistic towards me. However, at best they are indifferent. And rightfully so. For the most part each one is a formula, a software program. Oh happy days! None of them can really be mad at me, or subjectively judge me. So with that, I will work at gaining a grasp on how they operate. Keeping in mind it just may be a man in a white lab coat, with a clipboard, flipping a coin. And I'm not mad, really.


  1. In blogging, as in any writing, you improve with experience. I'm just a scribbler, no technocrat me, but I think my writing and my ability to collect and present others' writing in this format has improved.

  2. blog on man, and we'll both confuse them with a flurry of punches, those filthy algorithms.