Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear AdSense, Am I In Or Out?

Is there a litmus test for my AdSense being established/operating/engaged? It would help immensely to know if our relationship has been consummated. Sounds crass to assume that seeing a few coins in my pay-pal account is the only way to rightly know one is a properly spoken for blogger, seeking ad revenue. Even a wink would be nice.

After many passes at AdSense in order to be verified, and unsuccessfully so, a blogger could just wonder what rational act establishes one's blog with AdSense. Is the publisher identification number enough? Or is it still a series of one night stands the blogger is on, yet thinking he is in the family? I have a friend that awoke one morning with a name carved in his back and the ad revenue queen long gone. I doubt he will ever get over that affair.

Hold on, I may have found someone to help. Pretend that I am right now handing you a business card for the guy that helps bloggers of all stripes: Drop by his "office" and check out the waiting room. He has a good collection of "magazines" for beginners. Probably just the one answering your question. He can go deep pretty quickly, at least so for me. So check out his waiting room tutorials first. You may stay busy there for awhile. I visited once and he responded on my own website. Probably because I subscribed to his newsletter. In any case he saw a minor flaw in my site I was not aware of and mentioned it. Suggesting a tutorial in his waiting room. I used it without even talking to him and it improved my site ten times.

Isaac is an advocate that the beginner can talk to. And he advises making the best of your site to gain ad revenue. No one should work for free or expose their fellow correspondents for free either. AdSense charges per click. How often have you shared ideas with someone on the internet with an ad whirring overhead, or below, or left and right of your text? Even if you find a quiet place for a conversation, the avenue on your way there was a barrage of offers and ads, shouldn't they be yours? at least some of them? looked like a good port during a storm. Just as I was becoming jaded with the whole business, or lack of it, re: blogging; I ran across these two disparate sources. While there may be a connection between them I found them while stumbling about in different neighborhoods. Of importance to me is that there is usable information at both locations. Don't give up on the hope of ad revenue, look these sites up and survey them. You can subscribe to Isaac's site and I'm sure ProBlogger as well. See you in the Blogosphere.