Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Am Tired Of Facebook

Because anything there I can do, has pretty much already been done. I  enjoyed that playground at first. But it became larger than New York City. And the salsa is terrible, lacks any real local flavor, or any flavor for that matter. I came back here and found the lights off and the parking lot empty. A tumbleweed blew across the entry path and I heard a lone wolf howl--it was beautiful.

There were a few commercials running, left over from two years ago. A lot can happen in two years. Who would have ever predicted Donald Trump for president? Reminded me of the Doc's question to Marty when he found Ronald Reagan was the future leader of the free world.
I have been on a Facebook vacation for a week and find it strangely exhilarating. I'm pretty sure this is my new address, again. I have plenty of google history, Pinterest too. I would rather exchange ideas "locally", and maybe discuss some hobby ideas. But I will have to become re-acclimated with blog methods, seems that I have lost some skills. I really need a refresher on image posting, video recommending and live link establishing.