Sunday, February 1, 2009

Die To Live Another Day

Exhaustion. Complexity overload. How big is the internet anyway? Looking for an out-drive boat motor quickly produced results from Australia. Everything from everywhere is available on the world wide web.

An Australian teacher just returning from a mission in China like Marco Polo with pictures and a Kiwi river-man from New Zealand with a piquant summary of the golden age of Islam. Feels as if they are next door and the US is far off.

The television says superbowl ad costs will remain high. That newspapers are all but done for. The internet is where the bulk of advertising is heading, at a dead run! Social networking (read: facebook) is where the eyeballs are going. No limits to creativity and capitalistic chutzpah there. Look at ICHCheezburger on twitter. 20,963 followers for a cat with terrible grammar that is becoming its own language. It is a derivative of "I can has cheez burger!"

The police just can't round up the usual suspects. All are suspects. The coin trickle can become a coin torrent. What you surmise is true, there is gold in them there hills. Even if it is like the running of the bulls at Pamplona and the danger of being fatally trampled is ever present. Because as in a video game, you get your life back after a bit and can play on, play through, make even bigger mistakes and die even more spectacularly. Let's get at it!


  1. I like it Charles. I too have just started a new blog a few minutes ago. Instead of the usual niches I have, this will be Hutt's Blogesphere. I hope it will be interesting like yours.

    So the Kiwi Riverman team is now six, all different.



  2. Thanks Peter. I need to differentiate my five as well. I am still following some earlier advice. It took me a while to get them squared away and to get an idea how each could be different. Elly convinced me to write out into the ether as I read her blog on China. She wrote in a stream of consciousness style that with her photographs was completely relaxing. It seems like in here the theater of the mind works real well.