Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yaro Starak, Blogger M.D.

If you are suffering from the schizophrenia of having started a blog, talking to your writer-self and then your marketing-self; and the voices are telling you to do odd and conflicting things. It may be time to visit Yaro, Yaro Starak that is. His office is at He has a very soothing demeanor and can probably phase you back into one person again.

Of course with a bit of his coaching you will again be able to do two or more things simultaneously and still be of one mind, and you will know why. It helps to know why you must write and why you must market, without either taking over your personality and business. Mr. Starak provides a great many of his treatments at no charge. And he will explain why he does so. It will be part of his marketing treatments. You really must have them if you want to stay in your right mind, and make some money.

I am in a recovering blogger program. I am not sure how many steps are in the program. I just started the treatments in Mr. Starak's office. I am speaking of this as part of my therapy and as a public service. After the several videos of my first treatment I noticed I could drive home without talking to myself.

Previous to the treatment I was completely confused and disoriented. I did not know who I was writing to, why I was writing; and what money had to do with any of it. I also wondered, why should I spend my time commenting on other people's posts? All of that is much clearer to me now. Mr. Starak had an eye chart and a pointer and as he went down the chart, those items; as he explained them, were easier to see.

I am not affiliated in any way with Mr. Starak or his office, which by the way, is a walk-in clinic. I am just a grateful patient having received one treatment, a free one at that. Even my phobia about AdSense is beginning to abate somewhat. Well, maybe not.


  1. Calling Dr Casey, can you mend a broken blog?

    Cheers old fellar.

  2. I take it you had some success here? I don't think it is my shortcoming. My safari objects to a local host in the way. I thought maybe it was a Mac issue. Thanks for giving me the heads up. BlogEvolve thwarts my plans if I cannot do something as simple is insert a link. I just found out what they are!