Monday, February 23, 2009

StumbleUpon And Its Passing Parade

I am trying to get my blog-muse to arrive. StumbleUpon seemed a reasonable catalyst for the task. But surprise, it did something else. The visual nature of the website (photographs, videos, artwork), provided a catharsis. So maybe it is a cleanse that is needed before a muse shows up. An intriguing contributor to the effect is to have music playing in the background. I used Blue FM on internet radio.

StumbleUpon is an act of evolution as one uses the downloadable tool bar's "stumble!" button. Thumbs up, or thumbs down? While the internet slides by like a huge Starwars cruiser, it is morphed into the user's preferences. It is doubtful the user can ever finish this task.

A tag cloud begins to form on the user's front page as the user prefers some and dumps others. I put art and photography in among my many preferences and I have seen images that trigger emotions before I fully realize what I am looking at. Landscapes, fantasy images, art work, people. Even though the adult content feature is on, the safe filter; some rather striking women passed by. Hit the thumbs up on them and there are more to come. Be careful. A positive tag puts the image in your "favorites" gallery.

I used the search feature to look for blogs and then the "stumble!" button to keep them coming in procession. Just to see a cross-section of blogs. Some of them really stink. The foul language gets past the filter. Sometimes the whole front page is an invective. Hitting the thumbs down icon dumps it down the reject chute. I have yet to see one show up again.

The creativity of the web is astounding. And for the most part comes in short burps. Yes, the best ones seem to be loud and just a little rude. Followed by an "excuse me" and a giggle. But, of course, that could just be the way I see things. I just watched a chicken snatch food away from a kangaroo. Now I don't care what you say, that is funny. It happened without any ads or comments. But the kangaroo looks ready to say something.

I am looking for the stimulus that begets original content. And original content is celebrated by those in the know as good content, even SEO content. I like
for its ability to give me that stream-of-consciousness view of the blogosphere.


  1. Does the kangaroo have a name, Charles?



  2. Riverman, it was just a short clip. The chicken made a few quick laps around the kangaroo and while the 'roo was watching, the chicken plucked the food right out of the bigger animal's front paws. The kangaroo had a look on his mug like a pedestrian beat out of his money at a sidewalk shell game.

  3. The Chicken and the Roo - would make a great cartoon. Tom and Jerry?

  4. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have used this--LOL!-- The CHICKEN and the 'ROO. Somebody is going to grab that, it is just too phonetically ironic. You better find an artist and throw some of that NZ humor at the concept, you will have all of NZ and Australia in the palm of your hand. Or, I can be the chicken and you can be the 'roo. It doesn't make any sense for me to be the 'roo.

    Riverman, if you can draw . . .

  5. Ah, glorious T'internet. I have not used stumble upon, but I often scroll through blogs, looking for something that will inspire me or just bring me out of my shell a little. With so much creativity on the Web, why does it seem so difficult to find ideas that feel...valuable?

    Thanks for visiting me on No Chickadees! I would be curious to know how you found me.