Monday, February 9, 2009

My Hot Date With Simpleology Cooled Quickly

WOW. It looked so promising last night. And I just might be suffering a simple case of cold feet this morning. But the simple in simpleology turned out to be anything but that.

The simple became complex. And the complex came in a pop-up format with various offers and counter-offers. Some were one time offers that will never, ever, be seen again. Written on pages that self-destruct like the mission impossible devices. You must act now! or then, the offers are lost to all of mankind--or maybe just me.

I was supplied with a free forty-five page syllabus in PDF form and offered a wonderful book for free as well. When I went for the book I found it was at the end of the yellow brick road. I declined the journey. Then, a flurry of pop-ups, like the flying monkeys in The "Wizard Of Oz" came at me with more offers than Billy Mays. I ducked them all and logged back into the simple site to check out my new, "free," simple "cockpit" that came with my free offer. Sadly, I found that all my controls were marked "locked." Probably because I wouldn't "put out." I departed the new plane that promised trips to exotic locales and I am patiently waiting for a bus.

Originally, and without any fanfare, I discovered MintArticles. Or,
I can submit articles through them, directly accessed by AdSense; supplying my own website. It is very easy to use and is just starting up. On that site I found good information on how to operate a blog. My interest is in bloggers that don't take advantage of the ad revenue possibilities of their social network, AdSense certainly wants in on it. You must have a publishing I.D. from AdSense, but you can get that for the asking. MintArticles has made the publishing process so much easier with large icons and simple instructions, it is very much point and shoot. My apologies to anyone I caused any difficulty, I certainly did not mean to.

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