Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beautiful Musical Evenings

A good cigar and a cup of strong black coffee. With some winsome jazz piano tinkling softly in the not so far away background. It is evening and dark on the back porch. And the moon is just beginning to shine through the tops of the tall pine trees. Bright enough to begin making shadows through the tree limbs.

The musical background is supplied graciously by a radio station that has been around since 1964. Jones College radio, like many college radio stations, is non-profit and almost free of any musical interruption. The station calls its music beautiful and is agreeably so. By its own description: "Instrumentals and standards of yesterday and today." The call letters are WKTZ. The dial position is 90.9 and its town is Jacksonville. But it can be heard to Daytona Beach, Florida, and North into Georgia. The station reports regularly of being heard in exotic ports of call, by way of the internet. and a short search will reward you with Jones College music via your computer.

Perhaps you have to be at least fifty years old to really appreciate this radio station. The order of play is ingeniously crafted with selections that can stay in the background of your day yet tenderly tug at your memories. Using that unique facet of music that corresponds with specific times, places, and most magnificently; with people of your heart. Jones College Radio is a wonderful companion. Pouring out a stream of pleasant memories without saying a word. Eddies of places, faces, and special friendships. Flowing by to ease your day and soften your evenings. You will soon find this public servant to be an essential one.

It is an aural history and landscape. And the transitions from one play to the next one sometimes promote a change from one emotion to another. In the familiar way you would consider one time frame in your life and the friends within that frame and then move to another time and other friends. This music source does it carefully and with style, as if being mindful of your precious memories.

I have finished my cigar and the coffee is gone. The evening is beginning to chill just a little bit. Bringing in the aroma of the woods and pine trees. This is turning into a beautiful evening with beautiful music. "Green Sleeves" is playing, a soft accompaniment with which I bid you, good night.

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