Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google and Html verification at AdSense.

I started five blog sites and although all five are authenticated by AdSense, All have the big red X saying "not verified."

*freewebs* provided a clue. First, I authenticated the blog site. And trying to verify it I got the big red X, "not verified." is my newest site. AdSense told me the HTML code is not in the header.

So I avail myself of *freewebs* again and try to to edit in my google code to be high enough in the page to be seen. AdSense seems to be hinting to me they can see me but I am not in the header (the high rent district).

*freewebs* is indeed free. But only on the ground floor. Almost immediately they pushed me towards the elevator and the paying floors. In the edit mode of *freeweb* the frames are shown laid out like real estate lots. In the frame/header where I want to build my verification bungalow the sign says "upgrade to premium!" Edit Pages says I have to get on the elevator and buy my lot (header) on the paying floor.

AdSense advocates blogging for dollars. But does not mention in the fine print (too fine for me to read), you must purchase and own all of your site, all the frames, the header and be able to tattoo their logo anywhere on it. Or knock out your free site and tattoo the logo on its forehead before it comes to. But how do you keep it from wearing a hat? No ad revenue for you! (ad revenue nazi).

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  1. Maybe get your answers from Sire, he's a bit of a whizz! I like writing, but am useless on the tech side of things.