Sunday, December 30, 2012

Navy Snipes

Seems like all my jobs have been hot and dirty ones and usually dangerous.  I am old enough to have been drafted.  So I joined the Navy, thanks to my trade school training.  The Navy is where the hot, dirty and dangerous jobs started.  I was rated as a Boiler Tender, later changed to boiler technician.  My duty was aboard an aircraft carrier.  To be exact, the USS John F. Kennedy, CVA-67.  The Kennedy is now, like me, retired.  I'm in mothballs in Florida.  In 1971-72 I enjoyed a Med. cruise, eleven months in a hot screaming hell--before hearing protection was provided. I say that just to provide the following explanation of why I was called a "snipe."  Our jobs were almost exclusively below the ship's water line.

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