Friday, March 20, 2009

The Blog And Lens World Of Charlie

Dreamriver is the quiet, off-world sort of place that seems uninhabited. I realize it is a large place but I usually don't get much notice there. It was easy to set up and became a nice looking location, easy to navigate each time I return. Everywhere I travel to I see the blogger logo, so it must be a major player on the internet.

I just discovered Squidoo and therefore I have been drawn into its briny deep. This place has good resources and learning tools. If you translate its "lens" to "blog" you will see how helpful those resources can be to just about everyone. Be warned, it is as addictive as a new video game. Or, lets say, hot buttered popcorn.

BlogEvolve is the friendliest of all my places. Like a friendly pub, I can stop in there almost anytime and find someone to talk to. Warm and quiet, I have yet to suffer a brawl of any sort. One can bring up almost any subject and get friendly support and advice about it. It is a good thing there is no closing time, we have international patrons visit BlogEvolve.

Squidoo has the most educational facilities of all the places. And if you visit there you must look for PotPieGirl Besides being a delightful character she is an incredible teacher. Do not pass up this chance to meet her, she will inspire you. especially if you are looking for a work at home plan, she surely has that--a workable plan. And allow me to emphasize the word free. PotPieGirl is the queen of free stuff. There is eventually some costs but she is adamant about keeping stuff free for her "kids" (also known as newbies). As they grow to maturity she then teaches them about reasonable business expenses.

StumbleUpon is a roller-coaster ride of images and text through the internet. You hit the stumbleUpon button and rocket to the next site, give it a thumbs up or down and jet on to see more. Your likes are saved to return to, and your dislikes are marked to prevent a return trip. It is a delightful trip of information and images. Although, rarely, you can get shockingly rude sites, even though the safe setting is on. These you can report in order to clean up the town.

I hope you enjoy this selection, newly created and for your viewing pleasure. There is no government money involved in this endeavor whatsoever. Cheers!


  1. Hi there Charlie,

    Thought you had gone AWOL.

    Great place Blogevolve. I've been doing a little PR around the place a bit. Couple of long time bloggers, Spooky Yank and TXJUN have come on board - they go back to the old Writing Up site. good people.



  2. Peter! I got caught up in researching blogging instead of doing any. It is time to shake out the cobwebs and come back to life. I see the difference at BE (where I came from that is Bucyrus-Erie, the huge drag-line and heavy equipment manufacturer, right in downtown South Milwaukee). And I am sure our BE is on a "surge." Bloggerparty never really got working again, I was getting a "page not found" and couldn't even get to my profile, and all of my photos are gone. I want to get back to Qassia, it is the only place I have my sites indexed, I think I will add Squidoo. **Bumps you old dog!** =)

  3. Yeah, I haven't been back to Qassia for a week or two, but they are starting to get heavy with members: laying down new conditions etc. I knew that sooner or later they would demand new content only, and fair enough I guess. But if the kick me out - so what I'm used to being disabled.

  4. This whole blogging thing seems real fluid. In watching the various sites, all but the best seem to suffer varying degrees of breakdown or flooding. Blogger is the easiest to work with. I have been learning squiddo and I like it. Check them out, they will accept compilation material, "PotPieGirl" explains how it is done and that there is a market for it. There needs to be a disclaimer beforehand because the search engines don't like seeing things twice. If you haven't already, spend some time investigating Squidoo. You can google PotPieGirl and get plenty on her.