Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dairy Queen Dreams

That cool, brilliant white and sweet continuous stream of deliciousness. Had to be terminated in order for you to eat it. So the Dairy Queen would put a stop to it with a flourish that made a small curled loop at the top. The beautiful frozen dessert iconography that seduced you into licking it first.

You could have it any way you wanted it. But first it was bright white, cold and sweet. Add peanuts and hot fudge; or to be a purist, have it in its virgin state. What glory to have a double in a cone on a hot, summer day. You stood in line with your community. Waiting patiently like a good citizen,with moms and pops, grandmas and grandpas, cool teenagers and the kids. Some of the kids could not see over the counter and the lady at the counter would come around it and serve them. And you had to be wary of the dreaded brain-freeze/ headache. Closing one eye, you were getting a valuable childhood parable about not being greedy.

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