Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This universe of blog and AdSense is an interesting one. It is all about recognition and registration. My New Zealand friend "Hutt" the Kiwi river man turned me on to Qassia, which I think of as an internet brain. But Qassia too, asked me to authenticate my site so they could "see" me. I am supposed to chant this, RKNSBYCXEYAG

Like leaving my tooth under my pillow, I am hoping for a shiny coin in its place when I wake up in the morning. This drill is a familiar one, I have practiced it with several other sites I wanted to establish. So far all I have is a handful of teeth. But I have met some great people and been down some interesting avenues.

I have been asking AdSense and Technorati to recognize me so my coin trickle can begin. Interestingly enough and thanks to Hutt pointing me toward Qassia, I found a personal website I could establish through Google, who is AdSense. That is this website. And if I understand this at all, I can be recognized here and channel through those other websites that require a password protected login. I want to thank Elly, the Australian English Teacher, she explained Blogger in a way that I could grasp and I am setting it up with her advice.

I couldn't have done any of this without help and there were those willing to offer it. I am grateful. If you stumble in here and want to play be sure to make friends. If you try they will call out to you with encouragement, be sure to answer. Sassys at Bloggerparty was the first voice I heard in the blogosphere and she encouraged me to keep going.

(Later) . . . This is great about posting here, it is easy to edit. I didn't get a coin, only a tooth was left. I still can't get authenticated, so Qassia offers me a "sticker". This is a much longer chanting sequence but I will try it.

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  1. Good start, Charles. I will follow your adventure on Dreamriver. You never know where you will end up. I actually have a team of five niched blogs at Blogger. If you visit Kiwi Riverman you can go to my profile and take a look. Might give you an idea.You can change the name of your blog if you feel it no longer works for you.



  2. Dreamriver is a bit Zen. Since I have been off the clock I have been a bit Zen. I think it is a result of having my own time.